Get Active For Alan - Let's Walk 1000 miles

Can the Rural Community of Greater Lincolnshire walk, bike or run a total of 1000 miles in May and June?

We want you to #GetActiveForAlan to show your support for Rev Canon Alan Robson’s 25 years of Agricultural Chaplaincy. Our aim is for the Lincolnshire Rural Community to walk, run or bike a total of 1000 miles or more during May and June.

Alan has “walked with” many people in the last 25 years of Agricultural Chaplaincy whether that is sat at a kitchen table or leant on a farm gate.

So, we would like you to show your support and appreciation for his work by walking a few miles to add to the total. Please share your walks on social media using #GetActiveForAlan and tag LRAC so we can share your walks to inspire others.

If you feel able to make a donation to LRAC to support the work of Agricultural Chaplaincy we would be very grateful.

Meryl Ward stood in front of the Humber Bridge

Meryl Ward will be kicking off the #GetActiveForAlan campaign at the end of April when she and Rosie Black start their walk of the Viking Way. Meryl and Rosie will each be walking 147 miles along the Viking Way so that is a total of 294 miles can the rest of Lincolnshire Community walk 706 miles.

Physical activity of all different types is known to be good for our physical and mental health. Whether you enjoy getting away from it all walking your dog or going out for a bike ride or maybe you prefer to do some form of physical activity with a friend or as a group.

Getting out into the countryside is also good for our mental health, adding in the benefit of noticing the beauty of nature around us. The birds singing in the hedgerows, the sweet smell of the May blossom in bloom, the views across beautiful Lincolnshire countryside or a bracing walk along a quiet beach with the waves breaking along the shoreline.

Walking alongside someone and chatting as you walk can lead to more meaningful conversations than when you are sat across with someone at a table.  

10 Ways to #GetActiveForAlan

  1. Join Meryl Ward on one of the days between Sunday 28th April and Friday 10th May when she is walking the Viking Way find out more information here.
  2. Organise a local walk with friends finishing at a pub for lunch.
  3. Join the Ramblers or other walking group.
  4. Go out for a bike ride.
  5. Walk your dog.
  6. Take part in a Mindful Mile at the Lincoln Cathedral 14th May or 11th June 12.30 pm
  7. Do an organised walk as part of the Wolds Outdoor Festival 11th to 27th May
  8. Pop along to your local Park Run.
  9. Run a marathon or half marathon.
  10. Go on a Wellbeing Walk organised by the Lincolnshire Coop 

There are lots of walks of varying lengths on the Visit Lincolnshire website you can use it for finding new walks near you or maybe use it to find a walk in a part of Greater Lincolnshire that you haven’t visited before.

Please email how many miles you have walked to and share pictures of your walks using #GetActiveForAlan