The Appeal

The Charity has been formed to fundraise to support the work of our much loved lead agricultural chaplain, Canon Alan Robson, and the expanding group of associate chaplains across the County.  We have set an ambitious appeal target to raise 1.5 million pounds so that the agricultural community can partner in supporting chaplaincy provision, and has a voice in succession planning for Alan’s retirement. The rural and agricultural chaplains work with LRSN to continue the pastoral and spiritual care that Alan has provided throughout Greater Lincolnshire for the past 25 years. There is an urgent need to recruit a colleague for Alan to work alongside him before his retirement.

Chaplaincy is a proven service with a remarkable track record. This is your chance to help and support us to preserve this vital role for our county for years to come.

Please give generously.

Meryl Ward MBE

Chair, Lincolnshire Rural & Agricultural Chaplaincy

The fund is looking to raise £1,500,000 to secure the long-term future of the Rural Chaplaincy Service. These funds would be invested as a permanent endowment fund.

£1,500,000 @ 5% pa = £75,000 pa

The income generated will be used for the following; –

  • Recruit, train and fund future chaplains, to assist with the current workload and provide succession going forward
  • Provide funding to support training of existing parish priests, Methodist ministers and lay preachers who wish to learn more about rural/agricultural issues and who may in the future become rural chaplains
  • Innovation – investment in the latest technology to allow the chaplaincy to keep pace with the wider society
  • Support for causes aligned with the charitable objectives of the rural chaplaincy fund

Funds raised to date

Private Donations


Lincolnshire Rural Support Network


Rural Charities Dinner


Lincolnshire Community Foundation


Lincoln Diocese Transformational Fund


Bishops Social Justice Fund





Rev Angy Long

25 years of Supporting Agricultural Chaplaincy

Rural and agricultural life is one of the things which is a fundamental characteristic of the county of Lincolnshire. Being a people who care on a spiritual and practical level has always been foundational to the Methodist Church. It is, therefore, no surprise that these two things came together 25 years ago with the creation of the Lincolnshire Rural and Agricultural Chaplaincy Service. The work it has achieved could be measured in the numbers of people it has helped in times of difficulty, but its reach is wider; with friendships built up which share in the joys of life, and the advocacy it has done in getting rural voices heard by others. The Methodist Church in Lincolnshire is proud to be able to continue to support the work. We hope others would be proud too, to contribute to this appeal and help this wonderful work continue for years to come.

With wishes for deep peace to you all and to the earth,

Rev Angy Long; Chair, Lincolnshire Methodist District.

Funds Raised so Far £166,000
Social Value
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